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This livestream is also available directly on Twitch’s website.

The Light of Life Tour has started! Please visit for more information. A Global Repair broadcast is not expected for the following nights: Friday, November 12, Saturday, November 13, Saturday, November 20, Sunday, November 21, Friday, November 26, Saturday, November 27, Friday, December 3, Saturday, December 11, Sunday, December 12, Friday, December 17, and Saturday, December 18.



Help us rebalance the karma of the world during these challenging times

Every night we have a livestream at 9 PM EST/2 AM GMT. Join our Global Family in a Group Invocation using Angelic Reformation™ Processes to mitigate negative world karma, promote unity, and boost world harmony. Just click the video below and follow along for 18 minutes. It’s that easy!

As an alternative, dial +1 (980) 265-0687 and enter conference code 901104.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

To learn more about the Master Angels™ and the special Karmic Repair process featured in this Global Repair event please visit